Beethoven 2020

Symphonies, Sonatas and Piano Concertos

Symphonies and Sonatas

This coming autumn marks the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of Beethoven's birth, and The Concertgebouw will devote special attention to his music. Four specialized orchestras will – in the span of one week – perform all nine of Beethoven's symphonies in the Main Hall. Beethoven's sonatas will be played in the Recital Hall.

Piano Concertos

Both the Concertgebouw Orchestra and the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra will be programming Beethoven's piano concertos. On Sunday 11 October, the Concertgebouw Orchestra and soloist Krystian Zimerman will undertake a marathon concert featuring all five of Beethoven's piano concertos. Then, during the weekend of 5 December 2020, the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra will perform those same concertos with Arthur and Lucas Jussen.

Beethoven 2020

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