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  • Tuesday, december 7, 2021

    • Roderick Williams sings A Thomas Hardy Songbook

      Tuesday, december 7, 2021 at 8:15 pmRecital Hall

      Roderick Williams (bariton), Christopher Glynn (piano)
      Roderick Williams (bariton), Christopher Glynn (piano)
      Venables, Bax, Weir
      Finzi Childhood among the Ferns, nr. 1 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Finzi Before and after Summer, nr. 2 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      J. Ireland Summer Schemes, nr. 1 (uit 'Three Songs to Poems by Thomas Hardy')
      J. Ireland Great Things
      Finzi The Self-unseeing, nr. 3 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Finzi Overlooking the river, nr. 4 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Britten Proud songsters (uit 'Winter Words', op. 52)
      Weir Written on Terrestrial Things
      Finzi Channel firing, nr. 5 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Finzi In the mind's eye, nr. 6 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Finzi The too short time, nr. 7 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Bax The Market Girl (uit 'Three Irish Songs')
      Bax On the Bridge
      Venables A Kiss, op. 15
      Britten At Day-close in November (uit 'Winter Words', op. 52)
      Finzi Epeisodia, nr. 8 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Finzi Amabel, nr. 9 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)
      Finzi He abjures love, nr. 10 (uit 'Before and after Summer', op. 16)

  • Sunday, april 10, 2022

    • Sweeter than Roses: Paula Murrihy

      Sunday, april 10, 2022 at 11:00 amRecital Hall

      Paula Murrihy (mezzosopraan), Sholto Kynoch (piano)
      Paula Murrihy (mezzosopraan), Sholto Kynoch (piano)
      Britten, Purcell/Britten, C. Schumann
      Purcell / Britten Fairest isle, nr. 1 (uit 'Seven songs')
      Grieg Sechs Lieder, op. 48
      Purcell / Britten If Music be the Food of Love, Z 379/C
      Schumann Widmung, nr. 1 (uit 'Myrthen', op. 25)
      Schumann Aus den östlichen Rosen, nr. 25 (uit 'Myrthen', op. 25)
      Schumann Die Blume der Ergebung, nr. 2 (uit 'Drei Gesänge', op. 83 )
      Schumann Jasminenstrauch, nr. 4 (uit 'Lieder und Gesänge', op. 27)
      Schumann Schneeglöckchen, nr. 27 (uit 'Lieder-Album für die Jugend', op. 79)
      Purcell Sweeter than Roses (from 'Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country'), Z 585/1 (arr. B. Britten)
      C. Schumann Warum willst du and're fragen (uit 'Lieder', op. 12)
      C. Schumann Die gute Nacht
      C. Schumann Liebst du um Schönheit (uit 'Lieder', op. 12)
      Purcell/Britten I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly, Z. 630
      Britten Cabaret Songs
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