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  • Regina Albrink's Christmas Recital: Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and Sinding

    Regina Albrink (piano)
    Regina Albrink (piano)
    Sinding, Tsjaikovski, Chopin
    J.S. Bach/Ziloti Prelude in g
    Bach, J.S./Kempff Siciliano (uit 'Sonate in Es', BWV 1031) in Es, BWV 1031
    Bach, J.S./M. Hess Jesu bleibet meine Freude in G, BWV 147
    J.S. Bach/Busoni Toccata in d, BWV 565
    Beethoven Zeventiende sonate in d, op. 31, nr. 2 'Der Sturm'
    Chopin Wals in As (uit 'Twee walsen', op. 69)
    Chopin Nocturne in f, op. 55, nr. 1
    Chopin Tweede scherzo in bes, op. 31
    Tsjaikovski Chant élégiaque (uit 'Achttien stukken', op. 72)
    Sinding Rustle of Spring, op. 32 nr. 3
    Tuesday, december 26, 2017 at 2:15 pm Recital Hall
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