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  • Tuesday, november 9, 2021

    • Vicente Amigo

      Tuesday, november 9, 2021 at 8:15 pmMain Hall

      Vicente Amigo (flamencogitaar), Añil Fernández (gitaar), Ewen Vernal (contrabas)
      Vicente Amigo (flamencogitaar), Añil Fernández (gitaar), Ewen Vernal (contrabas), Paquito González (percussie), Rafael de Utrera (zang), El Choro (dans)

  • Thursday, february 10, 2022

    • Sean Shibe & LUDWIG: Seven Shades of Sean

      Thursday, february 10, 2022 at 8:15 pmRecital Hall

      Sean Shibe (gitaar), LUDWIG, Lucie Horsch (blokfluit)
      Sean Shibe (gitaar), LUDWIG, Lucie Horsch (blokfluit), Bart de Kater (klarinet), Wilmar de Visser (contrabas), Elisabeth Hetherington (sopraan), Gwyneth Wentink (harp), Emmy Storms (viool), Aart Strootman (elektrische gitaar)
      For sale on October 5
      For sale on October 5
    • Corona test certificate

      The Concertgebouw wants to welcome as many listeners as possible in the Main Hall and Recital Hall. This is only possible if we ask our visitors for a corona test certificate. For the concerts from July 29, you must therefore show a corona test certificate at the entrance to gain access.

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