LIER is the Concertgebouw's new restaurant. The restaurant offers classic French cuisine with a contemporary touch, prepared with local, seasonal ingredients. With a dinner at LIER, your visit to the Concertgebouw will be complete.

LIER is on the first floor of the Pleinfoyer, above the main entrance of the Concertgebouw. We are delighted to tell you more about the restaurant, the menu and our reservation policy below.

How to reserve a table at LIER

Restaurant LIER is open on evenings when there are concerts in the Main Hall and for extensive brunches after the Sunday Morning Concerts. Dining in LIER is only possible if you attend a concert at the Concertgebouw that same evening.

  1. Simply reserve a table online when you order your concert tickets. On the page of the concert you will also find a list of dinner options.
  2. Reserve a table via the Concertgebouw Line: 0031 20 671 83 45. Every day between 10 am - 5 pm.
  3. If you already have your concert tickets, you can book a dinner in 'My Concerts' in your account

Do you intend to dine in the restaurant with a party of 6 or more? Then please make your reservation over the phone by calling the Concertgebouw on the telephone number stated above.

When making your reservation, you must select your time of arrival at the restaurant. These times are in line with the start time of your concert.

LIER menu

LIER's menu features classic French bistro dishes with a contemporary touch. Our chef is mindful of people and the environment and works with fresh, local and seasonal produce as much as possible. We offer you a choice of a two or three course dinner, which you pre-select and pay for online.

View the menu


It goes without saying that our culinary brigade will always take into account any dietary needs and/or allergies you or anyone in your party may have. If you want to add specific wishes to your reservation, you can enter these during the ordering process under "Anything we should know?". We cannot guarantee specific tables in the restaurant, but we will do our utmost to comply with your wishes as much as possible.

About Restaurant LIER

You can find Restaurant LIER on the first floor of the Pleinfoyer, above the main entrance of the Concertgebouw. This is a place where the past and present meet in different ways: from the architecture to the interior design, and from traditional hospitality to signature culinary dishes.

The name of the restaurant refers to the musical instrument in the Concertgebouw's logo: the lyre, which is 'lier' in Dutch. In Ancient Greece this instrument accompanied poets (hence the word 'lyrical') and later in history became a symbol for music in general.

Ever since the opening of the Concertgebouw in 1888, the lyre adorns the roof of the Main Hall. The 'Concertgebouw Picture Book' published for donors in 1964, contains an ode to the lyre: 'The lyre on the roof: a musical beacon in the beloved cityscape. (...) Under this roof, people create beauty in sounds to be enjoyed by other people.' Now, it's impossible to imagine the roof of the Concertgebouw without the golden lyre.


Restaurant LIER
Concertgebouwplein 10
1071 LN Amsterdam

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