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The box office of Het Concertgebouw is completely closed from Thursday 24 December to Sunday 3 January. This means that the box office will not answer any e-mails during the aforementioned period and that the Concertgebouw Line is also not available.

Buying tickets online

You can buy tickets online at any time of day, using the Order option in the programme information for each concert in the concert schedule. This option allows you to select your seats in the hall.
To buy tickets online you will need to create a personal account with a log in name and password, unless you select e-tickets. In that case you can easily order without creating an account. You can pay for the tickets using a Visa or Mastercard credit card or iDeal.

  • Browser – You can purchase tickets online only with the following browsers: Internet Explorer (version 9 or higher), Mozilla Firefox (version 3 or higher), Google Chrome and Safari.

You can choose between:

  • Printing your e-tickets yourself: You will receive a confirmation e-mail which contains the link to a PDF file with your ticket. Please note: the confirmation e-mail is not your ticket, the PDF document is. You can also access your tickets by logging on to your account (unless you ordered without creating an account). In order to be able to open and print the PDF file you will need the Adobe Acrobat program. When you attend the concert, please bring a printed copy of each e-ticket you have purchased. For e-tickets the Concertgebouw charges an administration fee of € 2,50 per transaction.
  • These abovementioned e-tickets can also be shown from the screen of your mobile phone. Please make sure that the clearness of your phone's screen is set to the maximum level.
  • Receiving tickets by post: Your tickets will be sent to you within a few days of ordering, provided you have got a postal address in the Netherlands. If the concert takes place within 5 days of your order, your tickets will be kept at The Concertgebouw box office for you to collect. If you have got a postal address outside the Netherlands, your tickets will be kept for you at the box office regardless of the date you ordered them. For paper tickets the Concertgebouw charges an administration fee of € 4  per transaction.

Buying tickets by telephone and at the box office

You can buy your tickets at the box office or by phone using the Concertgebouw Line.

  • Box office opening hours – The box office of The Concertgebouw is open on days when concerts take place in the building, check our concert schedule. The box office opens at 3 pm on weekdays, and at 10 am on Saturday and Sunday. At the box office, you can only pay by PIN card payment.
  • Concertgebouw Line – You can reserve tickets by phone using the Concertgebouw Line, open daily from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.: 0031 20 671 83 45
  • Email – For questions or comments about ticket sales, you can also send an email to:
    Ticket sales at The Concertgebouw
    For other questions, please send an email to:
    The Concertgebouw

Sold out?

People wishing to attend a concert that has been sold out can go to the box office on the day of the concert one hour and 15 minutes before the concert is due to start to purchase tickets that have been previously reserved but that have not been collected. These tickets will be distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Drink included

For most concerts, a supplement is included in the ticket price. This allows visitors to enjoy a free drink before the concert and during intermission at any of our refreshment counters, except for the champagne bar or the Concertgebouw Café. For some concerts, drinks are not included in the ticket price. This is mentioned for each concert on the website under 'Pricing'. At The Concertgebouw, you can only pay by PIN card payment.

We encourage you to order your concert tickets using a different browser. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer version 10 or higher.