In War & Peace: Harmony Through Music

Joyce DiDonato © Brooke Shaden

Zaterdagavond 19 november treedt sterzangeres Joyce DiDonato samen met Ensemble Il Pomo d'Oro op in de Grote Zaal. Ze brengt een bijzonder, persoonlijk programma: In War & Peace: Harmony throught Music. Een zoektocht aan de hand van barokaria's, van onder anderen Händel en Purcell, naar een antwoord op de vraag: hoe vind je rust en harmonie te midden van oorlog en chaos? Als achtergrond bij dit bijzondere concert schreef Joyce DiDonato een kort essay, dit kunt u hieronder lezen. Het bijbehorende album is hier ook via Spotify te beluisteren.

In War & Peace: Harmony Through Music

The pendulum of human history has continuously swung between despair and hope, horror and bliss, chaos and tranquility. We are a restless bunch, prone to desperation, separation and fear in some moments, and yet, mercifully, to optimism, aspiration and generosity in others.

As a citizen of the world in 2016 the temptation to spiral down into the turmoil and pessimism that seemingly permeates all corners of our lives can overwhelm me at times, and the temptation to simply give into the dispiriting din of upheaval can devastate the spirit. And yet, I'm a belligerent, proud, willing optimist.

And so I ask myself: Is it possible to find a sincere and lasting peace within such deafening chaos? And if so, how do I access it? Is it conceivable that there exists an alternative to simply surrendering to the inevitable noise and our base fears, and instead to bravely choose serenity, audaciously silencing those fears?

Creators of great art have been depicting atrocity and pandemonium side-by-side with tranquility and equanimity for centuries, boldly showing us both our brutal nature and our elevated humanity.  Art unifies, transcends borders, connects the disconnected, eliminates status, soothes turmoil, threatens power and the status-quo, and gloriously exalts the spirit. Art is a valiant path to peace.

With the help of Handel and Purcell, among other masterful artists, I respectfully invite you look at the interwoven worlds of external conflict and serenity, of internal war and peace, and to contemplate where you wish to reside within yourself.

Ultimately and unquestionably the power to bravely tip the scales towards peace lies firmly within every single one of us. 

And so I ask you: In the midst of chaos, how do you find peace?

Joyce DiDonato over 'In War & Peace: Harmony Through Music'
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