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Sun-Mi Hong Quintet - Basement Sessions

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Fri, Jul 15 Sun-Mi Hong Quintet - Basement Sessions

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    Choir Hall

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    from €20.00

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Sun-Mi Hong Quintet - Basement Sessions

The Sun-Mi Hong Quintet has become a recognized and award winning ensemble that stretches the sonic envelope. Sitting on the periphery of tradition while often dipping her toes into the avant-garde, Sun-Mi Hong Quintet's last album A Self-Strewn Portrait (ZenneZ Records) has won in the 'National' category of the most renowned music award in the Netherlands (2021).

Combined with promising musicians in the Netherlands Nicolò Ricci on Tenor Saxophone, Alistair Payne on Trumpet, Chaerin Im on Piano and Alessandro Fongaro on Bass. The quintet has reached out of multiple stages over the past six years and has created a personal bond amongst the band members. The next album will be coming out on the 18th of November 2022 on Edition Records.

  • Organizer

    Het Concertgebouw Eigen Programmering

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  • Sun-Mi Hong Quintet
  • This concert has no intermission

Sound and vision

Sun Mi Hong
Sun Mi Hong