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HRF 8934

Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

  • Does The Royal Concertgebouw have a paper version of its annual schedule in addition to the one posted on the website?

  • Can I enter the Concertgebouw during the day to look around?

  • Are there Guided Tours in The Concertgebouw?

  • What are the measures regarding ventilation in The Concertgebouw?

  • Why are Russian artists still allowed to perform at The Concertgebouw? And why is Russian music on the program at The Concertgebouw?

Information for people with disabilities

  • May I enter the building with my electric wheelchair or my scoot mobile?

  • Are guide dogs for the blind allowed in the building?

Bringing children to The Concertgebouw

  • May I bring my 3-year-old child to a classical concert?

  • For what ages are children’s concerts intended?

Ordering tickets

  • The concert is sold out. What are the possibilities?

  • I have vouchers because of cancelled concerts. How can I redeem these?

  • Can I apply a specific discount to tickets when ordering online?

  • Can I pay in cash at The Concertgebouw's box office?

  • When can I buy individual tickets for the new season?

  • Does The Concertgebouw have a waiting list for sold-out concerts?

  • Do I need a ticket to attend a lunch concert?

  • Does the Concertgebouw sell gift vouchers?

Before your visit

  • I purchased tickets for a concert but I am unable to attend. Can I return them?

  • At what time do the doors to the halls open?

  • Do I have to print my e-ticket?

  • What happens if I accidentally arrive too late for a concert?

  • Do you sell programmes for the concerts?

  • Does The Concertgebouw have a specific dress code?

  • How do I find my seat in the Main Hall?

Around and during the concert

  • Does the concert have an intermission?

  • When is it okay to clap at classical concerts?

  • What time does the concert end?

  • May I leave my suitcase/folding bike/items other than coats and umbrellas in your cloakroom?

  • If I have a valid ticket, can I also enter the hall after intermission?

  • Can I leave the hall during the concert?