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Aural Spaces – Rakhi Singh in 4DSOUND

Aural Spaces – Rakhi Singh in 4DSOUND

Sun, Dec 18 Aural Spaces – Rakhi Singh in 4DSOUND

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    Recital Hall

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    from €17.50

Aural Spaces – Rakhi Singh in 4DSOUND

Sometimes epic like a movie score, but just as quick as you thought you could define Rakhi Singhs music, it switches into a meditative mood with avant-garde infusions. There’s one common denominator in the compositions: a raw, uncut energy flowing through every tone. It captures the vibe of the Welsh violinist, who started playing at a very young age, perfectly. Singh has vast experience leading orchestras all over Europe, and collaborations with Björk and Philip Glass on her resumé; in her compositions, though, she strives for a genrelessness that inspired many artists around her. During Singhs Aural Spaces performance the moody violin pieces, enchanting choral harmonies and natural sonic environments will come to life in an even more colorful, radiant way than ever before.

Spatialisation created with the support of the Richard Thomas Foundation

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