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4 DSOUND compilatie

Aural Spaces Listening Sessions in 4DSOUND: 10 Years Compilation

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Sat, Dec 17 Aural Spaces Listening Sessions in 4DSOUND: 10 Years Compilation

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    Recital Hall

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Aural Spaces Listening Sessions in 4DSOUND: 10 Years Compilation

During the listening sessions you will hear spatial music especially created for the 4DSOUND system. This selection of sound works showcases a variety of approaches towards spatial sound, in which elements of space, movement and architecture play a defining role in the compositional process. Delve into every corner, lay down on the floor or sit on a comfy chair, open your ears and let yourself be moved by this one-of-a-kind sonic experience.

This listening session features carefully selected spatial works produced over the last 10 years, showcasing a wide range of compositions made at 4DSOUND studios around the world; Lobe (Vancouver), MONOM (Berlin) and Spatial Sound Institute (Budapest).

From early works, to recently premiered music, what holds these pieces together is the exploration of a different type of compositional process, where sound is moved as in a choreography or filling up the space as sonic architecture.

This overview of spatial compositions demonstrates the expressive, creative and technical capabilities of the 4DSOUND system, inviting the audience to be moved by a unique listening experience.

Artists showcased: Croatian Amor, IOANN, Edo Van Breemen, Koenraad Ecker and Alyssa Moxley.

  • Organizer

    Vereniging Vrienden van Het Concertgebouw en het Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest

  • Genre

    Contemporary, Other

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