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Lorenzo Viotti © Melle Meivogel

Lorenzo Viotti conducts Verdi's Quattro pezzi sacri

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Sat, Nov 25 Lorenzo Viotti conducts Verdi's Quattro pezzi sacri

  • Time

  • Location

    Main Hall

  • Price

    from €31.00

Lorenzo Viotti conducts Verdi's Quattro pezzi sacri

Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra chief conductor Lorenzo Viotti will pair early Schönberg and late Verdi. Both Schönberg's romantic symphonic poem Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) followed by Verdi's passionate Quattro Pezzi Sacri (Four Sacred Pieces).

  • Organizer

    Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest

  • Genre

    Orchestra, Vocal Music

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  • Drinks are included in the price of admission. When the price category 'Online sprint under 30' is available, you can order 1 ticket 4 hours before the start of a concert.
  • Prices do not include transaction fee: € 4,50 per order.



  • Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest
  • Lorenzo Viotti conductor
  • Reinout Scholten van Aschat narrator
  • Projectkoor met VU-Kamerkoor, Kamerkoor NEXT en Vocaal Ensemble Musa


  • Schönberg

    Verklärte Nacht, op. 4

  • Verdi

    Quattro pezzi sacri

The music fragments are from another concert. Visitors will hear a different performance in the concert to be ordered.
  • This concert has an intermission

Side programme

Opening programme

Mirror Hall - 7:40 pm

Before the concert, come to the Mirror Hall and be surprised! The opening programme starts at 7:40 pm and consists of an introduction to the works, or an interview with the conductor or soloist, or an intimate concert by the musicians from the Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra|Netherlands Chamber Orchestra.

Sound and vision

Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest Eduardus Lee 3
Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest © Eduardus Lee