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Maya Fridman Farid Sheek

Benefit Concert for Peace

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Wed, Nov 1 Benefit Concert for Peace

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    Recital Hall

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    from €18.00

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Benefit Concert for Peace

Cellist Maya Fridman and pianist/percussionist Farid Sheek present a benefit Concert for Peace to The Concertgebouw. Together with their musical family of friends, they will create a program of musical gems, and a unifying call for peace in the Recital Hall. All proceeds from this concert will be donated to the civilian victims of Israel & Gaza via Zaka Emergency Relief and the Norwegian Refugee Council.

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  • Genre

    Chamber Music

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  • For this event, a drink is not included in the price of admission. When the price category 'Online sprint under 30' is available, you can order 1 ticket 4 hours before the start of a concert.
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  • The Jewish Amsterdam Chamber Ensemble & Friends
  • Maya Fridman cello
  • Farid Sheek piano, percussion
  • Frank Affolter special guest
  • Mohsen Masoumi vocals
  • Michel Marang clarinet
  • Barry Mehler artistic leader, moderator
  • Noa Eyl violin
  • Ephraim Feves violin
  • Arkady Blekherov viola
  • Rachel Daniels cello
  • Shira Miriam Cohen vocals
  • Lidor Ram Mesika vocals
  • Marc Wielart piano
  • Arnon Kater
  • This concert has no intermission

Sound and vision