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Vicente Amigo 20 07 2018 Annelies van der Vegt 52

Vicente Amigo

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Vicente Amigo

Hear the sensational Andalusian guitarist Vicente Amigo and his band in a sizzling flamenco concert full of passion, fire and sensuality.

  • Organizer

    Het Concertgebouw Eigen Programmering

  • Genre

    Pop, Other

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  • Drinks are included in the price of admission. When the price category 'Online sprint under 30' is available, you can order 1 ticket 4 hours before the start of a concert.
  • Prices do not include transaction fee: € 4,50 per order.



  • Vicente Amigo flamenco guitar
  • Añil Fernández guitar
  • Ewen Vernal double bass
  • Paquito González percussion
  • Rafael de Utrera vocals
  • El Choro dance
  • This concert has an intermission