Live Streams: Frequently Asked Questions

For live streaming, Het Concertgebouw works together with GUTS Tickets. View the Frequently Asked Questions below or ask your question on the website of GUTS Tickets.

What can I expect from a paid live stream?
HD image quality and the best possible audio quality, six different camera angles, interaction by means of chatting with fellow viewers and with an employee of The Concertgebouw (optional) and something extra, especially for viewers of the live stream. What this extra is, differs per concert. Sometimes it is an interview or preview, and other times it is a look behind the scenes. The extra content is listed with the livestream.

How do I buy a live stream ticket?
For livestreaming, The Concertgebouw works together with GUTS Tickets. Via the website of The Concertgebouw you order live stream tickets via the blue button. After payment via iDeal or credit card (in the Netherlands) you will receive a confirmation email from GUTS Tickets.

How do I watch the concert stream?
To watch a live stream follow these steps on the day of the concert:

  • Log in on with the mobile number with which you ordered your e-ticket.
  • Enter the verification code you will receive by text message.
  • Click on the concert.
  • Click on 'Watch stream' to access the online concert.

Is a concert stream available?
Whether a concert stream is (temporarily or not) available to watch (video on demand) is indicated at the concert in question. It is possible to gain access via the ticket button on the online concert page.

Do I need to download the Guts app?
No, this is not necessary.

What will the data entered by me be used for?
- Mobile number: the e-ticket that gives access to the stream is linked to your mobile phone. This way it is safe to log in and per e-ticket the stream can only be used on one device at a time and cannot be transferred.
- Email address: After ordering the e-ticket, you will receive a confirmation email at your email address with instructions on how to access the concert stream.
- Name and Country: for personalization.
The other information such as address, gender and date of birth are not required to fill in.

Why paid live streams?
Paid live streaming is still fairly new in the Netherlands and for The Concertgebouw; it is the first time that we are livestreaming concerts for a fee. Because the costs of high-quality live streams are significant, we cannot just offer them for free and therefore charge a fee. We hope to get out of the cost through your contribution. If you watch with several people at the same time, we trust that you will jointly pay for the livestream, but you do not have to buy a livestream ticket separately.

Can I also watch the live stream on my digital TV?
Yes, it is possible to transfer the live stream to digital TV by casting or by connecting an HDMI cable between laptop / computer and TV. For more information about casting see the website of GUTS Tickets.

Are the live stream tickets transferable?
No, the live stream tickets are not transferable, but linked to the mobile number with which the tickets were ordered. You will also receive the security verification code at that number. You can only be logged in to one device at a time. Logging in on another device will automatically log you out of previous devices.

The sound does not work, what now?
It may be that the sound is on "mute". Click "tap to unmute" in the live stream video to turn on the sound. If you cast the stream to your TV via an HDMI cable, you may still have to set the output. Read all the tips about casting and the settings that you should check on the website of GUTS Tickets.

The live stream is intermittent, but my internet is good, now what?
Try one of these tips:

  • It may be that the glitches are not caused by a bad internet connection, but that it is the connection between the different devices that are used. We advise you to use a laptop / computer for the stream and connect it to the TV via an HDMI cable.
  • Resolution. It can help to lower the resolution. There is a button at the bottom right of the stream. Click to adjust the resolution.
  • If this doesn't work, ask your question in the chat of the livestream.

For other questions, visit the GUTS Tickets website or contact GUTS customer service. Guts customer service is available during the day and in the evening via the messaging function (chat) on their website and responds quickly.

Note: online fake live streams are regularly offered via social media (including Facebook and YouTube). So only buy live stream tickets via the website of The Concertgebouw and GUTS Tickets.

We encourage you to order your concert tickets using a different browser. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer version 10 or higher.