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Rental for concerts

The Concertgebouw has two famous concert halls: the Man Hall (1974 seats) and the Recital Hall (437 seats). The combination of these two world-class halls makes The Concertgebouw one of the most beautiful concert halls in the world. The building also has a lesser-known hall: the recently opened Choir Hall (150 seats).

You can send us your request for organizing a concert by using the form at the bottom of this page.


All requests from new concert organizers are discussed internally. In doing so, we mainly look at whether your concert fits into the artistic profile of The Concertgebouw. In order to be able to form the best possible judgment, we would like to receive the following information (use the form below):

  • a description of the concert you have in mind (program, performers, further substantive explanation);
  • an overview of previously organized concerts with visitor numbers;
  • indication of the ticket prices you want to ask;
  • a comprehensive marketing plan.
  • We would also like to receive an extract from the Chamber of Commerce.

If we are positive about the plans and content of the concert and are confident that the audience reached will be large enough, then we will gladly confirm the option.

Request concert rental

Your request has been sent, you will shortly receive a message from our Rental department.