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House TMM Concertgebouw Aural Spaces 2022 Header Website

Aural Spaces

From 16 to 18 December in The Concertgebouw, a new dimension will be added to experiencing live music during Aural Spaces.

Equipped and spatially structured for optimal sonic immersion, the Recital Hall already applies classical acoustic methods to make the music resonate as unfiltered as possible. At least, that’s what’s believed until now. In collaboration with 4DSOUND, modern technology will blur the boundaries between space and sound more than ever before, in a captivating sonic experience rarely witnessed before.

The Concerts

The Programme

During Aural Spaces, timbres become almost visible, soundwaves will flow from every corner into the mind like a head massager. In a programme filled with in-depth lectures, special one-off encounters, listening sessions and live shows by composer Grand River, cellist/producer Maarten Vos, neoclassical ensemble Echo Collective and violinist/composer Rakhi Singh, classical, Indian and hypnotizing tones will oscillate almost touchable through the room. At Aural Spaces, you’ll be able to witness how spatial experience is taken to a higher level and is being shaped by an enhanced audio escapade.