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Jerusalem Quartet concert this Saturday at The Concertgebouw

The Jerusalem Quartet will perform this Saturday, May 18 7pm at The Concertgebouw. The safety of staff, visitors and musicians at this concert will be safeguarded thanks to tightened security measures, adjusted visitor flow and an adjusted start time. To make the concert accessible to everyone, it will also be available via a stream on the website of The Concertgebouw.

The earlier decision to reschedule the planned concerts has met with understanding as well as disapproval. General Manager Simon Reinink: "Every concert must be able to go ahead. The Concertgebouw fully supports its mission to connect and enrich everyone with sublime music, regardless of background, religion, culture or any distinction. We must continue to stand up for the free society we want to be. Every day."

Last Tuesday, The Concertgebouw decided to move the Jerusalem Quartet's concerts due to the security situation. A particular factor was that concerts were scheduled simultaneously in the Main Hall and Recital Hall; with so many visitors, the security situation could have become precarious if disturbances had occurred. The recent demonstrations in and around the University of Amsterdam were the direct and only reason to take this decision. The Concertgebouw felt the risk was too great. This decision was taken solely on the basis of our concerns for the safety of all those involved. With the extra security measures now in place, and changes to the start time and visitor flow, we are able to let the concert on 18 May go ahead.

The Jerusalem Quartet's concert is sold out

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