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Axelle Fanyo and Julius Drake

Axelle Fanyo and Julius Drake

Thu, Feb 16 Axelle Fanyo and Julius Drake

  • Time

  • Location

    Recital Hall

  • Price

    from €23.00

Axelle Fanyo and Julius Drake

  • Organizer

    Het Concertgebouw Eigen Programmering

  • Genre

    Chamber Music, Vocal Music

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  • Drinks are included in the price of admission. When the price category 'Online sprint under 30' is available, you can order 1 ticket 4 hours before the start of a concert. You pay no additional transaction fees for sprint tickets.
  • Prices do not include transaction fee: € 4,50 per order.



  • Axelle Fanyo soprano
  • Julius Drake piano


  • Aubert

    Le mirage (uit 'Six poèmes arabes')

  • Aubert

    Le sommeil des Colombes (uit 'Six poèmes arabes')

  • Aubert

    L'adieu (uit 'Six poèmes arabes')

  • Ravel


  • Poulenc

    La dame de Monte Carlo

  • Schönberg

    Galathea, nr. 6 (uit 'Brettl-Lieder')

  • Schönberg

    Der genügsame Liebhaber, nr. 1 (uit 'Brettl-Lieder')

  • Schönberg

    Seit ich so viele Weiber sah, nr. 8 (uit 'Brettl-Lieder')

  • Weill

    Complainte de la Seine

  • Weill

    Je ne t'aime pas

  • Weill


  • Bolcom

    Song of Black Max (as told by the De Kooning Boys), nr. 5 (uit 'Cabaret Songs')

  • Bolcom

    Amor, nr. 6 (uit 'Cabaret Songs')

  • Bolcom

    George, nr. 12 (uit 'Cabaret Songs')

  • This concert has an intermission