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Minjung Baek

MinJung Baek Debut Piano Recital

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Thu, Sep 21 MinJung Baek Debut Piano Recital

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  • Location

    Recital Hall

  • Price

    from €26.00

MinJung Baek Debut Piano Recital

The award-winning pianist MinJung Baek will make her Concertgebouw debut recital this fall in celebrating the 150th anniversary of Rachmaninoff's birth. This recital features the European premiere of the Piano Etude, op.93, no. 3 by British-French-Israeli composer, Nimrod Borenstein, who dedicated the piece to MinJung, and Rachmaninoff-selections including 10 Preludes, op. 23 and the Second sonata.

  • Organizer

    Forte Arts Management

  • Genre

    Chamber Music

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  • MinJung Baek piano


  • Rachmaninoff

    Tien preludes, op. 23

  • Borenstein

    Water Etude for Piano, op. 93, nr. 3 (Europese première)

  • Rachmaninoff

    Elegie in E-flat minor

  • Rachmaninoff

    Sonate nr. 2 in B-flat minor

  • This concert has an intermission