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From Southeast with Love: One Family

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Mon, May 20 From Southeast with Love: One Family

  • Time

  • Location

    Main Hall

  • Price

    from €15.00

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From Southeast with Love: One Family

During this second edition of From Southeast With Love you will hear a new batch of the best artists from Southeast - Amsterdam's most creatively diverse district - in the city's most beautiful concert hall. We celebrate the love of music in a unique concert that celebrates the connection of cultures, the musical richness of Amsterdam and Southeast. This time the theme is ONE FAMILY.

  • Organizer

    Het Concertgebouw Eigen Programmering

  • Genre

    Jazz, Pop, Vocal Music, Other

Event information and tickets

  • Prices and ranks

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  • For this event, a drink is not included in the price of admission. When the price category 'Online sprint under 30' is available, you can order 1 ticket 4 hours before the start of a concert.
  • Prices do not include transaction fee: € 4,50 per order.



  • Azubike Onwuka bass guitar
  • Bahghi vocals
  • Bnnyhunna piano
  • Elvis Kwasi Ankomah guitar
  • Bryan B vocals
  • Untold dansers dance
  • Dywell Braaf piano
  • Henk Braaf guitar
  • Geneev vocals
  • Glen Faria vocals
  • Jaïr Faria vocals
  • Graziëlla Hunsel Rivero vocals
  • Anne-Marie Hunsel vocals
  • Kristina Kovalyova vocals
  • B!MS Singers (B! Music School)
  • Monézra Rudge vocals
  • J’nyell Horb vocals
  • Rani Roos vocals
  • Faustina Ntiamoah vocals
  • Jacquelineblu Radway vocals
  • Hendrika Fiankson vocals
  • Phyllis Kwaning vocals
  • Jenae Esajas vocals
  • May-li Crichlow vocals
  • Joël Macnack vocals
  • Nadine Macnack vocals
  • Natali Boghossian conductor
  • Nai Barghouti vocals
  • Khalil Khoury qanûn
  • Black Harmony
  • ODM-koor van het Conservatorium van Amsterdam
  • Ronald Snijders flute
  • Desai Ruskey vocals
  • Orville Breeveld guitar
  • Sarah-Jane vocals
  • Siddharth Kishna sitar
  • Sharmili Mitra tanpura
  • Saniya bansuri
  • Aaryan tabla
  • Tradocaz
  • Wazzup Singers
  • Yvette Terpstra guitar
  • Southeast All Star Ensemble
  • Benny Alwart director, musical director, double bass
  • Danny van Kessel piano, arrangements, musical director
  • Tijs Jans drums
  • Setish Bindraban trumpet, trombone
  • Lorenzo Mignacca arrangements, trumpet
  • Sanne Landvreugd saxophone
  • Franklin Caesar saxophone
  • Antonia Libert cello
  • Shauntell Baumgard violin
  • Teddy Sicking violin
  • Mathilde Marshal violin
  • Wouter Huizinga viola
  • Tahirah Sabajo backing vocals
  • Desiree van Kessel backing vocals
  • Jeffrey Spalburg director
  • Carolina Mout presentation
  • Lucinda Sedoc presentation
  • This concert has no intermission

Sound and vision