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Laetitia Gerards crop

National Youth Orchestra: Strauss and Mahler

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Tue, Aug 16 National Youth Orchestra: Strauss and Mahler

  • Time

  • Location

    Main Hall

  • Price

    from €24.00

National Youth Orchestra: Strauss and Mahler

As many as six young horn players are needed for Richard Strauss' sound poem Don Juan, played by the National Youth Orchestra. Conductor Alexander Shelley also leads the Four Last Songs, with soprano Annemarie Kremer, and Mahler's beloved Symphony No. 4. Laetitia Gerards is the soloist in the final movement, which sings of 'the heavenly life'.

  • Organizer

    Het Concertgebouw Eigen Programmering

  • Genre

    Vocal Music, Orchestra

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  • Drinks are included in the price of admission. When the price category 'Online sprint under 30' is available, you can order 1 ticket 4 hours before the start of a concert.
  • Prices do not include transaction fee: € 4,50 per order.



  • Nationaal Jeugdorkest
  • Alexander Shelley conductor
  • Annemarie Kremer soprano
  • Laetitia Gerards soprano


  • R. Strauss

    Don Juan

  • R. Strauss

    Vier letzte Lieder

  • Mahler

    Symphony No. 4 in G major

  • This concert has an intermission