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Piano Nights

The most beautiful piano music of all times

Have you always wanted to go to a classical concert? Or do you fancy a romantic night out in a world-famous concert hall? Piano Nights is there for you!

What is Piano Nights?

A ticket buys you a fantastic offline night out in Amsterdam. Have a seat on the red plush and our pianists will play live music you may have heard before. Or maybe you play these pieces yourself? We also hope to surprise you with music that is new to you. Above all, think of this as a moment for yourself and time to pause in the busy world we live in. And the beautiful thing is... you don't have to know anything about classical music!

How long is the concert?

The concert lasts 90 minutes and has no intermission.

Bekijk de concerten

How much does it cost?

You can buy a ticket to Piano Nights from € 25. This includes:

  • A free drink before and after the concert
  • Checkroom
  • Fantastic pianists playing live and telling you about the music (in Dutch)
  • Comfortable seating on red plush!
  • A visit to the iconic Concertgebouw
  • Experience the world famous acoustics of The Concertgebouw
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Finding your way to The Concertgebouw

Kaart Piano Nights

All information on travel to The Concertgebouw can be found here.


Call or email us! We are always there for you: