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Nawal El Zoghby

SOUK feat. Nawal El Zoghbi

SOUK - Amsterdam Arabic Festival celebrates the rich Arabic culture of the past and present. A full-length programme in all foyers and corridors around The Concertgebouw's Main Hall.

Check out the foyer programme

SOUK starts early! From 18:30, there will be all sorts of things to do in the foyers and there will be delicious food. From 20:00 there will be no entrance, so arrive on time!

The SOUK programme in the Main Hall

Before the interval, SOUK is a musical journey along the Nile, one of the lifelines of the Arabic world. With the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, conductor Jochen Neuffer and guest musicians. Sabri Saad el Hamus is your guide. You will hear Nubian music, songs by Umm Kulthum, Zaggarats of Cinnamon by Anne Dudley, the ancient masenqo, and much more. The National Ballet dances a new choreography for two dancers to Concerto for Strings by Henrik Nordgren.

After the intermission, legendary Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghby takes the stage. With the Netherlands Chamber Orchestra and her band, she performs hits and new work in new arrangements!

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Couscousbar SOUK

Imagine yourself in the souks of Morocco pre-order your dish (halal) from Couscousbar Amsterdam. Smell the scent of warm spices in the air, taste and enjoy authentic Moroccan food cooked according to recipes passed on for generations. Come and eat together in the Mirror Hall between 18.30 and 19.40.

Please note that these meals can only be pre-ordered online until Wednesday 7 June. This is to make sure that enough food can be made and food waste is avoided. Snacks can be ordered throughout the evening. Order the meals at the same time as ordering your tickets or order your meal via the links below.

Order your meal (halal) for June 9

Order your meal (halal) for June 10


Ground floor


One Minute of Fame Sessions with YouTuber Aliim

Take a moment to hit the socials with renowned YouTuber Aliim (@aliimvlogs)

Photography: Muhcine Ennou
The photo series No Man's Land depicts the search for your true self in isolation: away from the trappings of society and material possessions, symbolised in endless, Moroccan desert landscapes.

Fadi Coffee

Arabic coffee and delicacies: Fadi Alcharabi
Delicious Arabic coffee on sand and Syrian delicacies from Damascus.

Tarot reading
(continuous, except during the intermission)  
The ancient Arab world knew mubassira (مُبَصِّرة), who read the future in coffee cups or in her crystal ball. Our contemporary fortune-teller Sophie invites you to be open to the fact that some things are inexplicable and possibly true after all 


Tropenmuseum: Divas
Videos of historic performances by Umm Kulthum, Fairuz and Warda give an impression of the exhibition Divas: inspiration and experience in Arabic music and cinema, running until 3 March 2024 at the Tropenmuseum. 

Live music
: masenqo, art, clothing, jewellery and coffee ceremony
After his performance on the main stage, Haddis Alemayehu Gulma (Haddinqo) will take you to Ethiopia.

Jaber Fayad

Live music: Jaber Fayad, ud 
Jaber Fayad
transports you with the pure sound of the mother of all plucked instruments: the ud.


Food: Couscousbar Amsterdam

The smell of warm spices, the taste of authentic Moroccan food cooked by according to recipes passed on through generations. Pick up your pre-ordered meal or order tasty snacks on the spot.


Afterparty: Nasiri (live) & dancer Melisa Diktaş
invites you to reflect on mysticism and the meaning of existence; with live electronic music and acoustic instruments such as the ud, flute and clarinet. Dancer Melisa Diktaş combines Kurdish dance (govend: 'sound in the moment') with her own movement language.



Dancing into the night! Amsterdam-based DJ Cherine Laiki mixes everything danceable - R&B, eclectic tunes, hip-hop, moombahton, rai, Afro and Arabic house - playing darbouka (vase drum) and electronic drums. Egyptian DJ Hady's speciality is mahraganat: hugely festive electronic chaabi.

First floor


Live music: Sinan Arat & Sufidelica

Sinan Arat
(ney, vocals) and his musical friends Tarang Poddar (percussion) and Donatas Bielunskis (bass, keys) present traditional Sufi music from different repertoires such as Ottoman classical, Anatolian folk and Qawwali. In the first session, Nicolle Bötcher will paint a skirt that will be worn by a dancer in the second session. In that second session, Sufi music meets live elektronca and ethno jazz. 


: Arabic market (continuous)

Souk Beldi presents their sustainable handmade products and HIMMIH fashion and accessories from Morocco. There will be Moroccan henna from Faza_HennaArt and dates from Yemen from Nooridates.
Yassmin El Sham and Azahara will take you to the world's oldest capital, Damascus. Levantine House's furniture and decoration bring the warmth and magic of the Middle East to The Concertgebouw.

Live music:
jam session with Wasim Arslan & friends
Wasim Arslan
first sings classical and traditional music from Syria, Egypt and Lebanon. In the second session, he creates a groovy fusion in a new interpretation of traditional folk music, together with Maringo Berenos (guitar, vocals, percussion), Tarek Muazen (ud, ney) and Florian ten Damme (synthesizer, live electronics).

Literature & spoken word
: El Hizjra
El Hizjra
hosts a varied literary programme. More information to follow soon.

Souk is made possible by:


Bestuur Stichting SOUK: Adel Rashed, Ayoub Taj, Bregje Gerritse, Laura Ghobrial, Laura Smeets.

Artistiek team Grote Zaal: Jan Pieter Koch & Joris Nassenstein (samenstelling en regie), Alex Brok (lichtontwerp), Luca Stappers (decorontwerp).

Productieleiding: Jeroen Heinen. Geluid: DaCapo. Licht: ECO Licht. Podiumbouw: Accuraat Verhuur.

Speciale dank aan de leden van de adviesraad, comité van aanbeveling, alle betrokkenen van Het Concertgebouw en aan Levantine House voor alle decoratie.