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TRACKS Business Club

Inspiring gatherings for Young Professionals

Meet The Royal Concertgebouw: a world-renowned concert hall for its acoustics, high-quality programming and entrepreneurial spirit. The Concertgebouw generates around 95% of its income itself. Only 5% comes from subsidies; this is unique in the Netherlands. Since its foundation, The Concertgebouw has been a privately funded arts institution with a rich tradition to which your company can also contribute. Thus, with your membership of the TRACKS Business Club, you make our most innovative concerts possible!

Meet TRACKS: short, surprising, world-class concerts in the Concertgebouw's Small and Large Halls. TRACKS offers an excellent opportunity to experience classical music in a different way.

At TRACKS, meet the best and most adventurous young musicians of today, with theatrical programmes that cannot be seen anywhere else. Discover what inspires these amazing musicians.

Meet other Young Professionals. Afterwards, in the exclusive TRACKS Business Club Lounge, there will be plenty of opportunity for your employees to network over a cocktail.

The membership offers:

  • 6 (exclusive) concerts per season from 9pm to 10pm (without intermission).
  • Possibility to attend TRACKS with 20 seats (2x per year 25 seats) per TRACKS concert (a total of 130 tickets per year).
  • An exclusive reception for members of the TRACKS Business Club before and after the concert in the TRACKS Business Lounge with plenty of opportunity to network with Young Professionals and receive your business contacts.
  • Your Young Professionals will be part of the corporate network of The Concertgebouw. The membership list of the TRACKS Business Club reflects the top and diversity of the Dutch business community.
  • The Concertgebouw is proud of its sponsors and the members of the TRACKS Business Club are also mentioned in the Concertgebouw's main communications.
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For more information, contact our Sponsor Manager:

Ilya Keuning
Tel. 020 - 573 05 48