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Visitor conditions

General terms and conditions for visitors

The General Terms and Conditions for Visitors from the Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Management (VSCD) apply in The Concertgebouw. These conditions have been filed with the Amsterdam district court under number 108/2011.

In The Concertgebouw

Visitors are not allowed to make audio or visual recordings from the start of a concert until the final applause. Mobile phones must be turned off in the concert halls. Smoking is prohibited. Large coats, packages, umbrellas and similar items must be checked at the cloakroom.

Programme changes

Changes made to a programme do not give ticket holders the right to a refund. The concert organisers will of course keep any such changes to a minimum. The latest programme information is available on our website and in our newsletter.

Radio and television broadcasts

Concerts are sometimes recorded for radio or television broadcasts. Every effort is made to keep any disruptions to a minimum.