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Facilities at The Concertgebouw for people with disabilities

Below you will find a short overview of the facilities established for people with disabilities in order to ensure that their visit to The Concertgebouw is as pleasant as possible.

Access for people with disabilities

  • There are seven parking spaces next to the main entrance for people with a disability. Holders of a valid disabled parking badge, either the Landelijke Parkeerontheffing (LPO) or the European handicapped parking card (GPK) can park in these spaces free of charge.
  • Wheelchairs are made available for visitors’ use in the entrance hall (under the stairs leading to the Recital Hall).
  • There are lifts leading to the Recital Hall and to the balconies in the Main Hall.
  • In both the Main Hall and the Recital Hall, a number of seats have been specially reserved for wheelchair users and those accompanying them. Please consult the floor plans to see which seats are reserved. As the seats are not equally suited to all types of wheelchair, we recommend that you phone the Sales Department for advice ahead of your visit. The Sales Department can be reached on 0031 20 671 83 45.
  • Please be aware that wheelchairs and walkers may not be left in the aisles.
  • Attendants will be on hand to assist you if necessary.

Facilities for the hearing impaired

The Concertgebouw offers you a choice of two systems. You can make use of an infrared headset that captures the sound from transmitters attached to the balconies. Alternatively, you may choose to use a receiver that relays the sound to your own hearing aid. Both options are available from the Main Hall and Recital Hall cloakrooms.

Other facilities

Other facilities at The Concertgebouw:

  • Animals – Animals (e.g. dogs) are not allowed inside the Concertgebouw. An exception to this rule are guide dogs (e.g. those used by the blind), which are permitted.
  • Stadsmobiel – If you are not in a position to travel using your own means of transport, you may contact Stadsmobiel on 0031 20 411 00 55.
  • Before, during or after the concert – If you have questions or comments before, during or after the concert, please inform an attendant at an appropriate time. We will then do all we can to solve any problems as quickly as possible.