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Diversity and Inclusion

The Concertgebouw aims to embrace the diversity in our society, and to provide everyone – our employees, our musicians and our audience – an inclusive and safe environment.

It’s all in The Concertgebouw

We want The Concertgebouw to be a place where everyone feels welcome. From the people who have come here for years to those coming for the first time, from young to old, and from every background and with a full range of personal tastes in music. From classical to pop, from organ to oud, from soloists to symphonies, from concerts on a Sunday morning to deep into the night: it’s all in The Concertgebouw.

The Concertgebouw aims to provide a working environment in which people can be themselves, and to give its staff the space and recognition that enables them to contribute in their own way to its mission: to connect and enrich people by offering sublime musical experiences.

Diversity & Inclusion Code

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) will only be achieved if we involve every facet of our organization. It’s clearly essential that our programming appeals to a wide audience. But we’re also looking at the cultural diversity of our employees, in the partnerships we enter into, and in our marketing and communications. In designing its D&I policy, The Concertgebouw is acting in accordance with the Netherlands’ cultural and creative sector’s Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Code.

Diversity Charter | SER’s Diversity at Work

The Concertgebouw is also a signatory to the Dutch Social and Economic Council’s (SER) Diversity at Work Charter. By signing this Charter, The Concertgebouw expresses its commitment to promoting an effective diversity policy by means of measures formulated by The Concertgebouw itself. These measures are laid down in the action plan it has adopted. This plan includes focusing on:

  • Recruiting and retaining staff from diverse cultural and other backgrounds
  • Creating awareness of D&I within the organisation
  • Creating an inclusive working environment and diversity within teams

Our top management play an important part in implementing our policy on inclusion and diversity. Their exemplary action makes them role models, showing how inclusion works, which encourages similar action from our employees.

Statement from Managing Director Simon Reinink:

‘Everyone who is involved with The Concertgebouw in any way must be allowed to be themselves. Only then can we call it a safe environment in which everyone feels both at home and valued. From my position as managing director I see it as my responsibility to collaborate with all of our staff to create an inclusive culture in which we accept and respect each other as we are.’