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Code of conduct for Concertgebouw patrons

All together in The Concertgebouw

Welcome to The Concertgebouw! We’d like to make sure that everyone here feels they are in a welcoming, inclusive and safe place, so we have a few rules for conduct towards others. Please follow these rules so that everyone can enjoy a great concert or event.

Come as you are

Feel free to wear whatever you want and to react as you like during the concerts. If an event has a dress code, you will always be notified in advance.

Respect for others

In The Concertgebouw, we respect each other’s dignity, boundaries and identity. We ask that you take other patrons into consideration and be aware of how your behaviour may affect your fellow attendees. We request that you set your telephone to silent, and to put it away once the concert has begun.

Zero tolerance

Inappropriate/offensive behaviour such as verbal or physical aggression, bullying, racial or other forms of discrimination, and sexual or any form of intimidation and harassment are unacceptable in The Concertgebouw. Anyone exhibiting such behaviour may be refused admittance or be removed from the hall. If you notice this kind of behaviour, please bring it to the attention of one of our staff members.

Respect for our staff

We ask that you cooperate with any requests from The Concertgebouw’s staff members. If you arrive after the concert or event has begun, you will be let in at a suitable point in the programme. For safety reasons we request that you leave large bags and/or backpacks at the cloakroom, as they could interfere in the event of an evacuation.