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Concertgebouw exterieur martin woods


Long and distinguished tradition

The Royal Concertgebouw has a long and distinguished tradition of corporate sponsorship. Support from sponsors is essential because we receive no governmental subsidy for our programming. We are proud to introduce our corporate partners on this page. Thanks to them we are able to offer a world-class music selection and share unforgettable musical experiences with everyone, from young to old.

Support The Concertgebouw

The Concertgebouw offers sponsors unique opportunities in the area of customer relationship management and exposure. From main sponsorship and customised partnerships, sponsoring a concert series, or exclusive receptions at top concerts to our high-quality Business Club and the TRACKS Business Club for Young Professionals: customisation is key. You and your guests can enjoy the most wonderful concerts in the spectacular ambiance of The Concertgebouw.


For additional information please contact Ilya Keuning, Account Manager Sponsoring, at i.keuning@concertgebouw.nl or Tel. +31 (0)20 573 05 48.