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1902 SA foto Jacob Olie

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The Concertgebouw: A hall of and for music lovers
Back in 1881, leading members of the community took the initiative to build a concert hall, and it was thanks to members of the public that The Concertgebouw was inaugurated in 1888. To this very day, it is still the general public and private funds which keep the hall open. In fact, only five per cent of The Concertgebouw’s annual income is provided by the state. Indeed, The Concertgebouw intends to remain a private institution in the future. Obviously, support from the private sector is essential to ensuring that the hall can continue to welcome musicians and audience members alike, both today and in the future.

To safeguard The Concertgebouw’s existence, the Concertgebouw Fund Foundation was established in 2000. The fund contributes to the renovation and restoration of the hall and supports a variety of education projects. Perhaps you yourself have toyed with the idea of supporting the Concertgebouw and thus helping to secure its future. The Concertgebouw Fund offers a variety of options to help make that idea a reality. In exchange, you’ll be able to enjoy many special privileges as a patron of the Concertgebouw Fund.

Circles for special guests: A range of privileges
Should you decide to join us in our quest to secure the future of The Concertgebouw by donating to the Concertgebouw Fund, you will be given a chance to become involved with The Concertgebouw in a truly personal way. Patrons donating over € 20.000 will join one of three special circles the fund has established for this purpose. Naturally, we also welcome smaller donations.

The circles offer a range of privileges. Circle members are invited to attend the prestigious Concertgebouw Prize awards ceremony held during the Concertgebouw Dinner in the Main Hall. In addition, all members may avail themselves of the Concertgebouw Service Desk, where a designated contact will reserve priority tickets for them to Concertgebouw concerts.

Personal considerations play a distinctive role when very substantial donations, loans or bequests are involved. Furthermore, additional means of capital transfer which are very favourable from a tax perspective are available for such donations. For that reason, we would be happy to meet you to discuss and explore with you the possibilities of contributing to the endowment fund and to provide you with a copy of the special endowment fund brochure.

The Concertgebouw Fund offers you the choice of various types of donation. But no matter what type you choose, every donation is tax-deductible. The Concertgebouw Fund has been classified by the Dutch tax authorities as a public benefit organisation (Algemeen nut beogende instelling), ensuring optimum tax-deduction opportunities for your donation. The Concertgebouw Fund, for its part, is exempt from inheritance and gift tax.

Testamentary disposition
By including the Concertgebouw Fund in your will, you can continue to contribute to The Concertgebouw’s future. You can do this by making a bequest to the Concertgebouw Fund – for instance, a certain sum or investment portfolio will then be left to the Fund after your death. You may also appoint the Concertgebouw Fund as a beneficiary or co-beneficiary in your will, thereby leaving all or part of your estate to the Fund, which can also settle the estate should you so wish.

Commemorative fund
A commemorative fund represents a very personal and special way to contribute to The Concertgebouw’s future by perpetuating a family name or honouring a loved one. With a commemorative fund, you can also designate a specific purpose for your contribution, thus providing the resources necessary to realise performances of the most outstanding string quartets, for example, or masterclasses for young musicians. Commemorative funds may be established starting at € 100,000.

We're here to help you
We would be glad to personally discuss with you any further details about the specific form of financial support you are interested in providing to the Concertgebouw Fund.

Please contact Jolien Schuerveld Schrijver, Director of the Concertgebouw Fund or Jet Peters, Relations manager Circles, for more information:
Telephone: +31 (0)20 573 04 12
Telephone: +31 (0)20 573 04 65