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Prety Yende Dario Acosta ZOP

The Sunday Morning Concert

One hour of beautiful music on Sunday morning, performed by the best orchestras and musicians, that's The Sunday Morning Concert!

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Live on NPO Klassiek

The Sunday Morning Concerts can also be followed live via NPO Klassiek.

copyright Jop Starmans


Café Viotta is open before the concert to wake up with a delicious breakfast. Of course you can also just order a cup of coffee or a croissant.

Copyright Ronald Knapp

Spiegelzaal Radio Programme

Prior to The Sunday Morning Concert the AVROTROS radio program Spiegelzaal will take place in the Mirror Hall. This is Dutch spoken.

copyright Jan Kees Steenman


After every Sunday Morning Concert in the Main Hall, restaurant LIER serves a delicious lunch.

Elke week presenteert Hans van den Boom Het Zondagochtend Concert en het voorprogramma Spiegelzaal. Dat doet hij nu voor het dertigste seizoen, net zolang als de AVROTROS-serie bestaat. ‘Ik vind niks leuker dan over klassieke muziek evangeliseren.’

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Every month a live stream

Every month (except during the summer) there will be a live streaming of The Sunday Morning Concert, in cooperation with AVROTROS.

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