Corona measures: information about your visit

We understand that you may have questions about your visit to The Concertgebouw. Below, you’ll find many questions, from how to buy tickets to how to leave the building after the concert, and our answers.

If you still have questions after reading the information below, please contact The Concertgebouw’s box office, either by ringing the Concertgebouw Line (020 671 83 45, open daily from 10.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.) or by e-mail:

Are there concerts in The Concertgebouw right now?
Concerts are taking place in The Concertgebouw again! Information about how these concerts take place can be found here. Find the latest news about our programming by signing up for our newsletter (in Dutch), or our Facebook page, or look on The Concertgebouw’s online calendar.

To the agenda

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How can I buy tickets for these concerts?
Tickets are available through The Concertgebouw’s website and by telephone (020 671 83 45, daily from 10.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.). Our concert schedule shows the concerts planned for the coming months. The page of a given concert will also tell you when ticket sales begin.

Most of the concerts do not have assigned seating. When you buy a ticket, you can choose the section of the hall where you would like to sit, balcony ('Balkon'), stage ('Podium'), orchestra left ('Zaal Links') or orchestra right ('Zaal Rechts'), but not a particular seat.

Will The Concertgebouw still be accessible to visitors with a disability?
During the concerts affected by the corona measures, The Concertgebouw will be accessible to visitors with a disability as usual. Tickets for visitors with a disability can only be bought by telephone through the Concertgebouw Line, 0031 20 671 83 45, daily from 10.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m. More information for visitors with disabilities can be found here.

Is a face mask required in The Concertgebouw?
We kindly ask you to wear a face mask when entering and leaving the Concertgebouw, and when moving through the building.

Are face masks available in The Concertgebouw?
The Concertgebouw does not provide face masks.

How is The Concertgebouw being kept clean?
In addition to our regular cleaning of the entire building, The Concertgebouw does a round of intensive cleaning before opening the doors to visitors, cleaning contact surfaces such as door handles, stair railings and lift buttons. After each concert the armrests of all seats are cleaned with disinfectant.

Which entrances of The Concertgebouw are open before the concert starts?
The following entrances will be opened before the concerts in the Main Hall:

  • Entrance 'Zaal Rechts' (Jan Willem Brouwersstraat opposite Brasserie Keyzer) is open for those with seats in the 'orchestra right' section.
  • Entrance 'Zaal Links' (the main entrance) is open for those with seats in the 'orchestra left' section.
  • Entrance 'Balkon' (just to the right of Café Viotta) is open for those with seats on the balcony ('balkon').
  • Entrance 'Podium' (just to the right of Café Viotta) is open for those with seats on stage ('podium').

For concerts in the Recital Hall you can use the main entrance of The Concertgebouw.

There will be disinfectant gel available for disinfecting your hands at all entrances.

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When do the doors open?
The doors of The Concertgebouw and both Main and Recital Halls open 40 minutes before the concert begins.

How is my ticket checked?
Our attendants will scan your ticket from behind plexiglass screens at the entrance.

What is corona test certificate (proof of vaccination/testing/recovery)?
For concerts after 29 July 2021, you must be able to show a proof of vaccination/testing/recovery at the entrance of the building. The so-called 'corona test certificate' (Dutch residents only) or EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC).

More information on the corona test certificate and the DCC

Can I be denied admission to The Concertgebouw?
When you buy a concert ticket, you agree to abide by our general conditions as well as our hygiene regulations and regulations for people with Covid-19 symptoms. According to the Dutch government’s (RIVM) guidelines, visitors are expected to stay at home if they have symptoms such as a head cold, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough or fever.

At The Concertgebouw entrances, our staff will ask visitors a few questions to see if they pose any risks for others’ health. If a staff member feels that a visitor’s condition constitutes a risk to others, they will be denied entry to the building.

What if I have symptoms on the day of the concert?
If you have symptoms on the day of the concert, you may convert your ticket free of charge to a voucher for later use. Please contact The Concertgebouw as soon as possible, but no later than 1 hour before the start of the concert via 020 671 83 45 (daily from 10.00 a.m.- 5.00 p.m.) or 

How does the audience move through The Concertgebouw?
The Concertgebouw has one-way routes from the various entrances to and from the hall, so that visitors do not cross paths. There are enough staff to guide all visitors and ensure a smooth flow of traffic. As much as possible we will keep doors in the building open, so that you can avoid touching any door handles. Signs at various locations in The Concertgebouw will remind the public to comply with the safety requirements. We request that visitors always follow instructions from our staff.

Is the coat check open?
At this time the coat check is not open, and the unattended coat racks are not available. Please take jackets with you into the hall. Bags larger than A4 size may not be taken into the building.

Can I buy a drink in the lobbies before the concert?
The walking route through the building will automatically take you past one of the bars in our lobbies. You can get a drink at one of these bars (please note there is no coffee or tea available at these concerts). Our bar staff work behind plexiglass screens. Since you are not allowed to consume drinks in the lobby, please take your drink into the hall with you. Your ticket price usually includes a drink. If you need to pay for a drink in The Concertgebouw, you may only do so using a debit card with PIN. In the summer, our drinks are served in plastic glasses.

Are the toilets in the building open?
Yes, the toilets are open. Of course we expect everyone using the toilets to keep a safe distance from each other. The Concertgebouw’s staff will be extra attentive in this respect. You can wash your hands with disinfectant soap and paper towels. There is also disinfectant cleanser in the toilet if you would like to clean the seat yourself.

How many people are allowed in the hall?
Until 29 July 2021, we can welcome a maximum of 425 visitors in the Main Hall (excluding the musicians and employees of The Concertgebouw). We can welcome 115 visitors in the Recital Hall. After July 29, 2021, visitors must show a proof of vaccination/testing/recovery (more information) at the door. In that case, there is no need to keep a distance and The Concertgebouw can receive more visitors in the Recital Hall and the Main Hall.

How are the seats set up in the halls?
The hall still has the familiar rows of seats, but with every other row removed. Visitors from the same household may sit together. There are always three empty seats (at least 1.5 meters) separating two visitors or households. It is important that visitors follow instructions from the staff when entering the hall. 

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How do I find my seat in the hall?
Most of the concerts do not have assigned seat numbers, but you will have chosen a section of the hall, either the balcony, stage or orchestra. Members of The Concertgebouw staff will show you to your seat(s) in the order you enter. There are enough staff to guide all visitors to their seats and to ensure that the seating process goes smoothly.

Can I sit next to my family/housemate/partner in the hall?
Situation up to and including 29 July: visitors who form a household together can sit together. We use the honour system; The Concertgebouw cannot verify whether or not visitors belong to the same household. Two empty seats are always kept free between two visitors or households. After July 29, you must show proof of vaccination/testing/recovery (more information) at the entrance. This means that the obligation to keep the 1,5-meters distance no longer applies, so different households can sit directly next to each other.

Does the concert have an interval?
Most of the concerts do not have an interval. 

What measures have been taken for ventilation in The Concertgebouw?
The Concertgebouw has a ventilation system that brings fresh air into the halls from outside and then removes it. There is no mechanical recirculation of air in The Concertgebouw.

Can I leave the hall during the concert?
You may leave the hall during the concert, but once you leave, you may not re-enter the hall.

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Can I stay in The Concertgebouw to have a chat after the concert?
After the concert is over, we request that you stay in your seats and wait until our staff indicate that you can leave the hall. Leave the hall and the building via a clearly indicated one-way route. Please leave the building immediately; we regret that you may not remain in the building afterwards to chat.

Are Café Viotta and Restaurant LIER open?
Restaurant LIER an Café Viotta will re-open on July 1.

I have a comment/idea about my visit to The Concertgebouw
The Concertgebouw has 133 years of experience in organising concerts. However, we have no experience organising concerts in the aftermath of a pandemic, and we welcome comments, suggestions for improvement and ideas from our visitors. Please send them by email to

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